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* It is an Eco friendly building system. 

​* One yard of concert makes 10 to 13 blocks.

* It works with any size of house or style design.

* Building time is reduced.

"The I.C.E. BLOCK™ super insulated concrete building system is energy efficient and cost effective. It is designed to provide benefits for contractors and property owners alike. It can be used above grade as well as below, and is perfect for residential, commercial, or industrial construction". (as per their webpage)

(As per their webpage)

Here are some more reason why you should consider using I.C.E. Block to build your dream home.

I.C.E. Block is lightweight, easy to work with and sculpt, and lends itself to Southwestern design and materials

(As per their webpage)

Now that you bought that great lot with the magnificent view you are going to want to build your dream house... How about using I.C.E. Block.

​Never heard of I.C.E. Block before?  Well don't feel bad you aren't alone... many people are unaware of this wonderful, economical product.

Example of a Southwest style building built with I.C.E. Block   

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How It All Goes Together and Why It Works

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